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After Service

The after-sales sector of MAPNA Turbine Blade Engineering and Manufacturing company - PARTO covers a wide range of activities which aim to provide technical support for the sold products during service and also technical consultation for the users of these products, i.e. power generation plants. This sector is made of a highly skilled workforce who is committed to providing professional solutions that consistently meet or exceed our customer requirements in a timely manner. Our strategic priority is “total customer satisfaction”.

Some activities of this sector include frequent site visits of the power generation plants for inspection of the turbine blades installed in the gas turbines during overhauls and maintenance periods, along with QFD activities (Quality Function Deployment) and fact-finding teams.

The after sales sector of PARTO has set up an after-sales portal in order for the clients to be able to file their complaints and requests in the shortest time and also benefit from technical articles about turbine blades which are posted there.

About Parto

PARTO, was established in 2000 to add to what MAPNA Group stands for: excellence and it tried to do that in every aspect by bringing creative people together, utilizing state-of-the-art technology and developing turbine blade manufacturing knowledge.


Contact us

Km 7 Malard Road, Mapna Boulevard, Karaj, I.R.IRAN
Karaj, P.O.Box: 3167643685
Phone: +98 (0)263 6192000
Fax: +98 (0)263 6618295
Email: info{@}mapnablade{.}com