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In ISO conditions this turbine has an output of 123 MW. Here at PARTO we produce all the blades and vanes of this turbine via reverse engineering.

Type Of Product Type of Turbine Material Weight Coating Cooling
First Stage Bucket F9 - E EEQ11 12 Kg. Yes Yes
Second Stage Bucket F9 - E EEQ11 12.5 Kg. Yes Yes
Third Stage Bucket F9 - E IN738 LC  11.5 Kg. No No
First Stage Nozzle F9 - E FSX414 41 Kg. NO Yes
Second Stage Nozzle F9 - E EEQ222 114 Kg. Yes Yes
Third Stage Nozzle F9 - E EEQ222 140 Kg. NO No



About Parto

PARTO, was established in 2000 to add to what MAPNA Group stands for: excellence and it tried to do that in every aspect by bringing creative people together, utilizing state-of-the-art technology and developing turbine blade manufacturing knowledge.


Contact us

Km 7 Malard Road, Mapna Boulevard, Karaj, I.R.IRAN
Karaj, P.O.Box: 3167643685
Phone: +98 (0)263 6192000
Fax: +98 (0)263 6618295
Email: info{@}mapnablade{.}com