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Engineering and R&D

A wide research and development network in close cooperation with partners from prestigious universities and research centres has been formed to deliver innovative solutions for the current problems and also devise and develop new ideas for the future. The R&D department plays a critical role in increasing PARTO’s competitiveness in the global market by improving the company’s technical know-how. PARTO has developed a large network of goal-oriented relationships with both academic and industrial institutions to walk through the state-of-the-art science and technology. In this way, PARTO’s R&D undertakes innovative international projects by employing internal and external professionals, supported by new methods of future studies and knowledge management to move on a sustainable development with a green think.
What we work on today are imaginable possibilities of future.

Major recent activities of the PARTO’s R&D are focused on:

  • Know-how development for manufacturing of advanced single crystal (SX) turbine blades
  • Know-how development for life time estimation of TBC coating systems
  • Designing and development of advanced TBC systems
  • Know-how acquisition of new high temperature materials such as Titanium Aluminide alloys and Ceramic Matrix Composites
  • Know-how acquisition of additive manufacturing-based methods for building up gas turbine blades
  • Know-how development of LAMP method for manufacturing of ceramic shells and cores simultaneously
  • Superalloys’ performance optimization and modification
  • Mechanical behaviour characterization and mapping using physic-based models
  • Advanced damage modelling and failure analysis of gas turbine blades
  • Smart scanning of worldwide scientific and technological trends at PARTO’s Observatory of Science and Technology to have a long-term outlook foresight


About Parto

PARTO, was established in 2000 to add to what MAPNA Group stands for: excellence and it tried to do that in every aspect by bringing creative people together, utilizing state-of-the-art technology and developing turbine blade manufacturing knowledge.


Contact us

Km 7 Malard Road, Mapna Boulevard, Karaj, I.R.IRAN
Karaj, P.O.Box: 3167643685
Phone: +98 (0)263 6192000
Fax: +98 (0)263 6618295
Email: info{@}mapnablade{.}com