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Ceramic Cores

PARTO has the engineering and manufacturing capabilities to produce ceramic cores for all types of IGT purposes, industrial and heavy duty gas turbine blades and vanes as well as other ceramic-made parts.
With substantial investments and an ambitious development program, this company is a global supplier of ceramic parts with a wide range of size (from 5gr to 7500 gr in weight) and complexity in shape for some metal casting industries predominantly in the field of IGT.

The quality of our ceramic cores is a significant factor for our target markets and commodity futures which ensures consistent mechanical and thermal characteristics essential for our customers for their highly technical applications.

By expanding research analysis through an equipped laboratory in PARTO, this company has been able to develop new ceramic parts that can be well-fit with the needs of its casting processes and orders of its customers.

Ceramic shop of PARTO offers its products in two main categories of casting

  • Equiaxed (EQX): suitable for Equiaxed casting process, good chemical leachability
  • Directional Solidification (DS): suitable for various sizes of ceramic cores, high thermal resistant and complicated ceramic cores used in directional solidification casting by optimal chemical leachability.


These types can be selected based on the lost-wax investment casting process or the characteristics such as thermal and mechanical stability necessary for special applications. These ceramic parts are manufactured in various ranges of particle size: fine, intermediate and large Particle Size Distribution.

The basic process steps consist of the following:

  • Raw Material Mixer: contain appropriate selected materials to mix
  • Injection Machines: in two types of medium and high pressure injection
  • Firing Kilns and Ovens: in different temperatures depend on the ceramic ultimate characteristics
  • Finishing Part: manual finishing workshops
  • Inspection: CMM control, Optical scanner, Control gauges and digital radiography
  • Strengthening: Due to fragility of ceramic parts, they are impregnated with a special substance which prevents them from receiving any damages during transportation
  • Packing: specific packaging methods suitable for ceramic core’s geometry are utilized to make them safe enough for delivery steps.


About Parto

PARTO, was established in 2000 to add to what MAPNA Group stands for: excellence and it tried to do that in every aspect by bringing creative people together, utilizing state-of-the-art technology and developing turbine blade manufacturing knowledge.


Contact us

Km 7 Malard Road, Mapna Boulevard, Karaj, I.R.IRAN
Karaj, P.O.Box: 3167643685
Phone: +98 (0)263 6192000
Fax: +98 (0)263 6618295
Email: info{@}mapnablade{.}com